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About Bob

I'm Bobby Timonera, a journalist from Iligan City, Philippines. I'm a true-blue Iliganon and Mindanaoan. I was born in this Land of Promise, raised by my parents here in Iligan City, studied here from kindergarten all the way to college. I worked briefly in Manila as a staffmember of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, covering various beats in the area, the last of which was the Senate. But it was boring there, worsened by the traffic, the floods, the rat race and all. So we decided to go home, bringing my Manileņa wife with me, and continuing my work as a journalist here in Mindanao. My two kids, Kara and Arkay, grew up here as well. Ah, life is more exciting here.

I later helped form MindaNews, a cooperative of Mindanao-based journalists, where I serve as one of the editors. I've been contributing articles and photos to various other publications, among them PAL's Mabuhay magazine and Cebu Pacific's Smile, Newsbreak, the defunct AsiaWeek and BusinessDay, and the MobileMedia Project of BusinessWorld Online. Lately I've also been involved in documentary projects -- both writing and photography -- for various NGOs and donor agencies in Mindanao, among them the United Nations agencies, USAID and the US Embassy, the UK Embassy, Voluntary Service Overseas, the German Development Service (DED), the Italian agency Movimondo and European Union, and a few others. 

My photography is basically self-taught, which I learned mainly by reading magazines and books at a time when there was no Internet yet. I also kept asking a few knowledgeable friends (not a lot of them in this place as far as Timbuktu). And spending hours and hours in the darkroom, which used to be my parents' bathroom. (My Mom eventually built me a darkroom inside my bedroom, so it was common for me to go inside the darkroom at night, and come out when the sun was already up.)

I published my first photobook, about festivals in Mindanao, in 2006.

You can reach me at bob@timonera.com.

Shooting in Sarangani.