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About this Site

I love Mindanao. This is my homeland -- my birthplace, where I grew up, where I studied, where I work, where I live, and where I intend to grow old. Mindanao is a land rich in diverse cultures -- Christians, Muslims and Lumads. It is also a land where nature unfolds in all its glorious magnificence -- the Tinago Falls of Iligan, the Tinuy-an Falls of Surigao Sur, the marshlands of Agusan, the seascapes of Baliangao -- coupled with its rich natural resources . Truly, the Land of Promise.

The pictures in this gallery are the reasons why I and my family opted to stay here. (Um, the kids are growing up, and it's up to them where they wanna spend the rest of their lives.)

I'm just lucky to be working in a field that requires a lot of travel. So I got these pictures while at work, or just having fun, the travelbug that I am. 

I grouped the albums into provinces. I know that some cities are politically independent fromthe provinces, but I grouped them nevertheless to the province where they geographically belong. And if your province is not in here, it only means three things -- I haven't been there, your province is newly created, or I don't have beautiful pictures of your place. I'm just one man. I'm sure other photographers out there have galleries of your province. But I will try my best to get there, and bring home beautiful pictures. 

I started this website in 2003 using good ole html. So, as you can imagine, it ain't easy continually updating pages in html. So I almost hadn't updated this site, until September 2008, when I started tinkering with Zenphoto. I like it coz it's so easy to manage, so easy to upload pictures. But I know I still have a lot to learn about Zenphoto and its underlying technology.

I still have tons of pictures in my hard drive, and it will take me months to upload them all. And, moving back, I still have thousands of film negatives in my archives. I'll have to go through them every now and then and scan the pictures worth uploading here.

Why only everything beautiful about Mindanao when it has its ugly face, too? Well, this site is all about the pretty side of Mindanao. My other pictures are in my other websites, or in many other sites all over the Web.

Keep coming back as I continually update this gallery.


Bobby T.
September 2008