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Terms of Use

You want to use these pictures? Just send me email stating exactly how and where you'll use them. I can allow free use for charitable and educational purposes, but only if everybody involved in that particular project donates their talent and time for free, too. 

Otherwise, please don't exploit photographers, who are working hard, spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in equipment, and spending years or decades mastering their craft. Please respect copyright laws. You can download my pictures to your computer for personal use, email them to friends. But you cannot upload them in your website,  email or upload them in the forums like yahoogroups (just provide the link if you have to), or reproduce them in any publication, use them in your ad campaigns, in print, web or other digital format, without my written consent.

Violate these terms and you will be sued, put to shame in all publications I have access to and in the forums all over the Internet, and billed exorbitantly.

Thank you very much.

Bobby T.